Restaurateur Mamo Mammoliti and his son, Mikael Mammoliti

When I tell my friends I’m off to the Cannes Film Festival to cover a week of celebrity parties and film premieres, the response is normally “Oh wow, your job is so glamorous” followed swiftly by a plea to pack them in my suitcase.

But after four years, I’ve learned that covering the festival is more a test of stamina and battling sleep deprivation than VIP treatment.. after all that’s for the film stars right?

Or maybe not.

I woke up on my first day to discover that not only had Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in Cannes but the hottest couple on the planet had enjoyed an intimate dinner (for 60!) with the whole of the  Tarantino cast at a small Italian restaurant called Michelangelo in Antibes run by Mamo Mammoliti (see picture above). I hot-footed from my interview with Penelope Cruz (who was ridden with flu but still looking exquisite in polka dot Dior) to the quaint little restaurant.

Not only did Mamo’s son Mikael come up trumps with tales of the couple known as ‘Brangelina’ feasting on truffle ravioli and focaccia with truffle shavings (Brad Pitt is a huge fan of truffles) giving me a tour of who sat where and what happened, he also insisted that the chefs prepare a mini feast of some of the dishes enjoyed the night before including, of course, their truffle specialities.

The verdict was unanimous — it was quite possibly the best pasta I have ever eaten… thanks Brad!

With further tales of Robert Pattinson gatecrashing the dinner and Harvey Weinstein insisting the chefs rustle something up for the Twilight actor and his friend, I had to leave my half-eaten focaccia to race back to the hottest party of the week, the Inglourious Basterds premiere after party at Baoli on the beach.

With the romantic backdrop of the ocean behind them, Brad and Angelina partied the night away with new BFF, Eli Roth (a co-Basterd) looking cozy and whispering sweet nothings into each others ears. They left at 1am in typical showbiz style, vanishing with a sweep of Jolie’s Versace dress, through a side exit and into the night air, back to their villa at the luxurious Hotel du Cap.

So simple yet so sophisticated, I muse, much like Brad’s favorite truffles…