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Previous Events and Guest Speakers

The AACL has hosted the great and the good over recent years, including Prince Charles, Tony Blair, Dalai Lama, Gerry Adams, Jamie Oliver and John le Carre.

Below is the list of previous esteemed AACL events/guests from the previous decade, and beyond …


Tracey Emin

V&A Cult of Beauty Preview

Hugh Robertson


Enchanted Palace at Kensington Palace

William Hague


Jeremy Paxman

Boris Johnson

Ambassador Louis Susman

Kevin Spacey and David Troughton at the Old Vic

Obi Abili, Lesley Manville and Anthony Head at the Old Vic


July 28 David Miliband

January 22 Ken Wharfe


June 11 HRH Duke of York

July 11 General Sir Mike Jackson

October 9 Alistair Campbell


January 25 Benjamin Franklin House

February 9 Good Night and Good Luck

February 27 Sir Ian Blair

September 19 Dress For The Occasion at BP


March 4 Alexander McCall Smith

June 1 Sebastian Coe

June 8 Kevin Spacey

June 20 Jamie Oliver

October 26 HRH Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall

November 9 Col. Tim Collins


March 10 James Rubin

June 2 Chris Meyer

July 28 Jana Bennett

September 15 Paddy Harveson

October 19 Michael Howard

December 7 David T Johnson

December 15 Sir Jeremy Greenstock


January 14 Geoff Hoon

January 20 Chris Patten

September 2 John Simpson

November 18 Bill Bryson

December 9 The Hon. David T Johnson, Minister


February 26 Peter Mandelson

March 19 Ambassador William Farish

March 20 Alastair Campbell

June 25 David Blunkett

July 8 Sir John Major


February 6 Ambassador Philip Lader

July 4 Gen John De Chastelaine

July 26 Bob Worcester & David Butler


January 11 Susan Greenfield

March 3 Alastair Campbell

March 27 Tony Hall

May 4 George Soros

June 21 Helen Fielding

November 20 Sir Peter Hall

December 5 Prince Philip


January 21 F.W. De Klerk

February 4 Sir Paul Condon

May 6 Cardinal Basil Hume

May 12 His Holiness The Dalai Lama

June 23 Rt. Hon Earl Spencer

August 12 Marjorie Mowlam

October 25 Major Gen. Geoffrey Fields

December 8 Ambassador Philip Lader


January 27 Gerry Adams

March 10 Jeffrey Archer

April 21 David Frost

May 26 Peter Sutherland

June 3 David Trimble

December 16 Ambassador Philip Lader


January 29 John Humphrys

March 4 Max Clifford

April 8 Robert Worcester

June 19 Mo Mowlam

October 17 Chris Smith

December 8 Ambassador Philip Lader


January 16 Diana, Princess Of Wales

February 13 Kenneth Clarke

March 19 Michael Heseltine

April 23 Peter Mandelson

June 3 Germaine Greer

September 9 Anita Roddick

October 15 Salman Rushdie

November 13John Prescott

December 10 Ambassador William Crowe


January 30 Admiral Leighton Smith

February 8 Richard Branson

March 1 Gerry Adams

April 18 Conrad Black

May 23 Gordon Brown

June 12 Lord Gowrie

September 18 Alan Clark

October 18 David Trimble

November 6 Dick Spring

December 12 Ambassador William Crowe


January 12 John Smith

February 10 Sir Patrick Mayhew

March 9 Virginia Bottomley

April 6 Ambassador Ray Seitz

April 27 Michael Portillo

June 8 Commissioner Paul Condon

September Tony Blair

October 26 John Birt

November 23 Admiral Crowe

December 8 HRH The Prince Of Wales


March 2 John Le Carré

March 30 Baron Von Richthofen

April 15 Michael Palin

June 30 PM John Major

October 12 Rupert Pennant-Rea

November 24 Gus O’Donnell

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